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Latest update: New demo! 0.5.5

  • New Features:
    • The player can now choose between two abilities upon level up
    • Added the Lift ability which allows moving nearby objects a short distance. The ability was given to all units (not as a level up ability).
    • Gharbarak now acquires experience and new abilities. He's a real boy!
  • Balance & Tweaks:
    • Added more rooms to caves and changed existing ones.
    • Frighten now cancels overwatch\attack of opportunity.
    • Dialogues camera movement made faster.
    • Narrow hallways, the greatest bane of enormous spiders, are now less likely to occur. Also made enormous spiders slightly less enormous so they can pass narrow hallways anyhow.
  • Issues & Bug Fixes:
    • The player can now select whether to use a controller or the mouse at the start of the main menu.
    • Fixed the mouse not showing on main menu bug.
    • Removed "feature" of opening chests through walls.
    • Fixed missing interact animation of Gharbarak.
    • Fixed issues with frighten (units moving to the same position and units moving even though they are stunned)
    • Fixed poison visuals remaining after the effect wore off.
    • Fixed run + melee attack not always detecting properly whether it's possible to attack from a given position.
    • Fixed potions sometimes spawning in invalid positions (most notably when killing Gharbarak inside the barracks).
    • Fixed bug that caused unit hover UI to show in cinematic camera.
    • Fixed color of unit markers not updating properly to reflect amount of action points left.
    • Replaced grapple hook icon.

Greetings adventurers!

This is where you can try a demo of our game, Fort Triumph.

Currently on Kickstarter, Fort Triumph is a hardcore tactical RPG (turn-based) with dynamic environments set in a rich, yet crumbling, magical world.

In Fort Triumph the player leads a party of heroes (well, heroines) to investigate the reason the world is crumbling (hint: it's not the goblins that did that). The current build showcases a couple of tactical missions, stay tuned for future builds that will include more of our art and original story.

Install instructions

Thank you for trying out Fort Triumph, adventurer!

To play, just use the exe, the installer will automatically unpack game files and run the game straight away. It's recommended you avoid legendary difficulty, it's not yet balanced in this release.

We absolutely need your feedback - please take the time to tell us what you liked or disliked, as well as any technical issues you encounter. Your involvement helps make the game better.

If you enjoy the demo, please support our Kickstarter campaign starting on the first week of April (details soon). We have a ton of ideas and plans for Fort Triumph, but it's your support that decides how much of it we can implement.


Fort Triumph Demo 0.5.5 Windows x64.exe 258 MB
Fort Triumph Demo 0.5.5 Mac.app.tar.gz 305 MB
Fort Triumph Demo 0.5.5 Linux.tar.gz 303 MB
Fort Triumph Demo 0.5.5 Windows x86.exe 255 MB

Development log


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Last comment was 2 years ago, but I played this demo as far as it would let me go, and let me tell you. If it hasn't, this game needs to pick up some serious traction, I had more fun than I've had on a game in a long time and I will 100% be looking for a full release and would happily pay the traditional $60. I swear if I didn't know better I could have mistaken this for a AAA in developement, it's that good. If this project has already been abandoned though, it'd be a huge let-down cause I'm super excited for this.

Full game is available on steam I think

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Dope! Definitely be looking for that. I appreciate the heads-up

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Thank you JB! We couldn't have done this without everyone who played and gave feedback and supported us during this month!

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As promised! Here's some gameplay of the Campaign!

I'm cracking up here. You're amazing man! :)


Thank you so much! Thanks for watching it.

Love the game so far! Can't wait to see what you guys do with it!

Thanks a lot BackfistGaming!
The whole team here enjoys your lets play so much, not only the humor is great and fun to watch - that's a friggin CAT!!! Genius! :D


Well there's one more coming your way, so stay tuned <3

Great game really enjoyed it!

Thank you! our pleasure