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Greetings adventurers!

This is where you can try a demo of our game, Fort Triumph.

Currently on Kickstarter, Fort Triumph is a hardcore tactical RPG (turn-based) with dynamic environments set in a rich, yet crumbling, magical world.

In Fort Triumph the player leads a party of heroes (well, heroines) to investigate the reason the world is crumbling (hint: it's not the goblins that did that). The current build showcases a couple of tactical missions, stay tuned for future builds that will include more of our art and original story.

Install instructions

Thank you for trying out Fort Triumph, adventurer!

To play, just use the exe, the installer will automatically unpack game files and run the game straight away. It's recommended you avoid legendary difficulty, it's not yet balanced in this release.

We absolutely need your feedback - please take the time to tell us what you liked or disliked, as well as any technical issues you encounter. Your involvement helps make the game better.

If you enjoy the demo, please support our Kickstarter campaign starting on the first week of April (details soon). We have a ton of ideas and plans for Fort Triumph, but it's your support that decides how much of it we can implement.


Fort Triumph Demo 0.5.4 Linux.tar.gz (308 MB)
Fort Triumph Demo 0.5.4 Mac.app.tar.gz (314 MB)
Fort Triumph Demo 0.5.4 Win x64.exe (260 MB)
Fort Triumph Demo 0.5.4 Win x86.exe (258 MB)


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Great game really enjoyed it!

Thank you! our pleasure